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The state of Wisconsin has sparked and flamed as a hotbed of innovation across a variety of industries.  This innovation can be seen in large, enterprise organizations evolving their operation and communication strategies, as well as the blossoming startups pushing the envelope of logistics, engagement and beyond.  With organizations large and small looking to continue their growth and add jobs to the local economy, we don’t have to look further than our own backyard to find the solutions we need to fuel our mutual success.  The “Wisconsin Partnership Pledge” is a “buy local” approach to promote the growth of Wisconsin’s burgeoning technology ecosystem.

Under this pledge, established Wisconsin businesses will advance their digital capabilities by using technology products and services provided by the growing community of Wisconsin technology start-ups. These partnerships will benefit both parties: established businesses need new technology to remain competitive and get ahead in today’s evolving digital world and startups need customers to grow and inform their product development.

To take the pledge and foster a collegial, supportive local culture, interested members can contribute in the following ways:

wisconsin pledge

You can indicate your level of interest, your industry focus and technology interest.  Companies will be matched on these parameters to ensure a win-win partnership.

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