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My Point of View

The Cloud IS your business. 

I love books! I have spent the last two years or so reading extensively on the Cloud and talking to businesses and technology providers about the cloud. I will provide my learnings and why the cloud IS YOUR business.  You can then review the materials here with this lens and adjust your own beliefs as needed.

 I will share with you my reading list later, Read my story on the perfect cloud service which enables my book habit (addiction?) here!

Fundamental principles:

  1. Software must change.
  2. Your business processes are a competitive differentiator.
  3. Your business processes are your business.

“Software is at a crossroads.”  Read more about The End of Software by Timothy Chou here. Today, software applications take too long to implement, cost too much to maintain, are cumbersome to upgrade and difficult to integrate in to existing or new business processes. Business leaders are tired of the current limitations this puts on their business.

Enterprise Cloud Computing by Andy Mulholland is an excellent book to provide you with a more business focused overview of the cloud and provides excellent insights in to what the cloud means for your business.  Fundamentally the premise is stated on the inside cover:  “The wow about cloud computing isn’t about on-demand information technology.  It’s about on-demand business innovation.”  Other important insights include, management of business processes make it possible to place control of business processes directly in the hands of business people and business process management sets enterprise cloud computing apart from consumer cloud computing.

DOT.CLOUD, The 21st Century Business Platform by Peter Fingar reiterates “Cloud Computing makes it possible to create new ‘business operations platforms’ that will allow companies to change their business models and collaborate in powerful new ways with their customerse, supplier and trading partners – stuff that simply could not be done before.”  In addition, “while utility computing can change the economics of IT, Cloud Computing could change the economics of business, allowing companies to adapt and scale their business models and markets.”

So my fundamental and most imperative point of view on the cloud:

The Cloud IS Your Business.

So, as business leaders, it’s time to get engaged.  It’s time to challenge your teams to figure out how to capitalize on this opportunity.  It’s time to work closely with IT to build your strategy and plan for implementing these technologies to drive your business. 

Disclaimer: This is my POV today. It is not the point of view of any of my past employers, any particular businesses or any cloud service or technology providers. My viewpoint has changed pretty dramatically over the last couple of years as I have researched this topic. My POV will likely continue to change as the learning’s in this space are shared, as I talk to more businesses and as a community we continue to build the knowledge set.

I also hope that you will provide feedback, counter positions and submit other resources to expand and enrich the dialogue and site.

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