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Welcome to my BLOG!  Thank you for engaging in the dialogue.

Why am I writing this BLOG?

Well initially it was the Cloud. However, it is much bigger than that. We are at an inflection point in technology that is simply fascinating and I believe will fundamentally change Business.

The goals of this site:

  • “Land the Cloud”. As I talk to businesses they have much deeper and more meaningful questions, than what is the cloud? They want to know: What does this mean for my business? How do I get there?  It’s time time to realize the benefits for your business and stop talking about it.
  • Provide a Cloud framework, guidance, resources and tools for your cloud strategy and plan, and then implemention of the technology to fundamentally change your business.

Who should read this BLOG? This BLOG is meant for:

  • Business owners and business decision-makers. There are many technical resources available on all the different cloud technologies that are available. The content provided here is intended for the business. I do hope my readers will submit technical materials and information as we build the knowledge base, but here I will provide clear, concise business information and materials so that business leaders will have the materials and resources to make the cloud their business.
  • Small to medium businesses and organizations. Much of the materials available today are for large enterprise businesses and organizations. Enterprise organizations typically have more resources and internal technical knowledge to develop their cloud strategy and plans. While the steps and processes provided here will be applicable to these enterprises, this site will provide materials and information to help the small and medium sized businesses realize the business benefits of the cloud.
  • ISV’s and Cloud Service Providers. The information and dialogue here will be beneficial for those of you that are providing this technology. It is important to have insight in to how businesses are making their technology decisions, what their challenges are and obtain direct information from these businesses on how you can make your products better.
  • Systems Integrators and VARs. You will need to evolve your services models and services offerings to help customers Plan, Design, Implement and Manage the business processes and applications that will change their business. Key customer insights and challenges provided here will help you shape your strategy.

It’s about the business.

Where do I start?

Inflection Point >