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iBeacon and BLE – Great for Mobile Engagement But Enterprises Need a Platform

There has been a flurry of articles and applications utilizing iBeacon and to a lesser extent other BLE devices to create engagement and new experiences.  Below are a few with new experiences created in Education, Travel, even your Church.  These are all wonderful applications that will help make us more productive, enhance our entertainment, and receive localized information.  The Consumer will receive great benefit from these applications as long as they are implemented with Privacy and Trust and full knowledge and transparency for the Consumer. 

As a business, it is challenging to understand these technologies, to find the talent to help you implement these technologies, to manage these systems, to analyze the data and act upon the information to create real-time engaging experiences for your customers, constituents, and stakeholders.

These technologies create the following challenges for businesses:

  • How do you manage all these sensors?
  • How is the content and notifications managed?
  • How do I create the same experience across departments? Across Locations?
  • How do I collect the data to continue to enhance these experiences and make them more engaging and effective?
  • How do you support all of the devices consumers will use?
  • How do you stay current with the all of the new sensors flooding the market?
  • How will you integrate wearables?

This is where you need a platform.  As a business, you want to concentrate on running and improving your business, having the data and information at your fingertips to make real-time decisions and improvements, execute your campaigns, deliver value to your customers and move your business forward.

This is where SOLOMO’s Smart Location ExchangeTM platform can help you accomplish those goals.  Create rich mobile engagement experiences, access real-time location analytics, deliver location and personal content, manage campaigns across locations and let SOLOMO do the work for you to take advantage of the flood of new sensors and devices in the marketplace.



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