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Financial Goals


Economic performance is the specific function and contribution of business enterprise and the reason for its existence.” – Peter Drucker. 

These are the most important goals that you will set for the company and in all other areas, the goals that are established, must support these financial goals

Financial goals may include

  • Revenue goals
  • Gross margin goals
  • Gross profit goals
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Or other financial metrics, cash flow, Earnings per Share, etc.

“The connection between financial performance and strategy development is two-fold. Businesses should use financial performance indicators in developing strategy and once developed, they should use financial information to test what progress toward achieving the strategy is being made.”  – MNP-CA

For example, here are Fed Ex’s stated long-term financial goals:

  • Grow revenue by 10% per year
  • Achieve 10%+ operating margin
  • Increase EPS by 10%-15% per year
  • Increase cash flow
  • Increase returns

FedEx associated Growth Strategies.  FedEx plans to focus on these five strategies to grow as a business.

  • Grow core package business
  • Grow internationally
  • Grow our supply chain capabilities
  • Grow through e-commerce & technology
  • Grow through new services & alliances   

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