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Customer Goals


” The purpose of a business is to create a customer.  The customer is the business.” – Peter Drucker


Your customer goals should support the attainment of the financial goals and overall company mission, vision and values.  These goals will of course vary from business to business. 

Some examples of different types of customer goals include:

  • Acquisition of ‘x’ new customers in ‘y’ time period.  How many new customers do you need in order to attain your financial goals?  In what customer segments?
  • Retention.  Increase customer retention by ‘x%’.  Are you losing customers faster than you would like?  How much do you need to increase retention and/or maintain existing business in order to ensure you meet your financial goals?
  • Increase existing customer sales by ‘x%’.  If you have multiple product or service lines, would your customers benefit by purchasing additional products or services and as such how much do you need to sell in your existing customer base to meet your goals?
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ‘x%’.  Do you have high levels of complaints, returns or other customer satisfaction measures that must be improved?
  • Increase ease of doing business through improved and streamlined, purchasing processes, support processes, reporting or other improved services and processes.
  • Increase sales of a product line or service by ‘x%’.

You should be able to add up the results of your customer sales goals to ensure they meet your financial targets.  If they do not, then your goals are not in alignment.

Customer goals help define “what we do”.

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