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Employee Goals

Peter Drucker was the first to put forward the idea that your employees were assets (your most valuable assets), not liabilities and should be treated as such.  Without employees, there is no business.  Trained and knowledgeable employees will provide your organization a strategic advantage. 

It is also important to retain your employees as the loss of an employee can cost you as much as 25% of their annual salary in recruiting costs, lost productivity and training costs.  Some examples of employee goals that support the organizations goals:

  • Reduce employee turnover by ‘x%’.
  • Improve employee satisfaction by ‘x%’.
  • Implement a career path for sales coworkers.
  • Ensure customer service employees are trained and certified in ‘xyz’ product/service.
  • Build a team of ‘x’ employees to support the new product launch.
  • Improve coworker productivity by automating ‘xyz’ process, eliminating paperwork or other efficiencies.

Employee goals outline the “how” required to execute the strategy.

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