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 “A rule of thumb is that a lousy process will consume ten times as many hours as the work itself requires.”  – Bill Gates, Business @ the Speed of Thought.

Business as a Service (BaaS).  The capability provided to the consumer includes the ability to provide and manage an integrated set of transactional and collaborative activities to accomplish a specific organizational goal. [Remember, I cobbled this definition together, so let’s continue to refine it.]

Business as a Service tools manage business processes throughout the life cycle of the process.  In addition, a key component is managing and leveraging the business and web services made available both internally and externally for use by new applications and business processes.  In general, these platforms are fairly new in the cloud.  Cordsys offers one and many customers have or are building aspects of this with their existing service management systems, data warehouses, business intelligence and other capabilities that help support their business process development.

Benefits are the same as the benefits identified in the Cloud Value Proposition. In addition, a business operations platform/system

  • Maintains investment and leverage the value in legacy systems
  • Enables the automation of processes across the entire organization and externally with partners and customers
  • Provides business managers now have direct control of applications
  • Facilitates process improvement and the creation of new processes
  • Improves communication between business and IT.
  • Provides real-time monitoring and management of business processes 

Additional Considerations:  Management, Security,  Public/Private Cloud Architecture, Integration

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