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The Perfect Cloud Service

As I mentioned, I love books.  I have spent the last year or so reading extensively on the Cloud, Social Networking and related Marketing.

I have purchased so many books that my husband says I have to get rid of a book every time I get a new one.  He says there is no more room in the house for all these books. Thank goodness for the Cloud!  Since I have to get rid of a book if I purchase a new one (which I can’t bear to do), I now purchase my books electronically on Amazon. 

This is a beautiful example of a cloud service that supports how I work.  I download a book on my SmartPhone and read it while exercising on the elliptical.  I think I need to thank Amazon and Microsoft for losing ten pounds!  I bookmark certain pages for reference later.  I read samples of the books and click to purchase the entire book if it peaks my interest.

While I am mobile and writing/researching, I have access to my book on my NetBook and while working and writing at my desk, I have access to my book on my Desktop. All of these devices sync wonderfully and my bookmarks and notes are available on whatever device I am using. 

This is the future of business applications, services and processes.

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