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Inflection Point

“An event that changes the way we think and act.” – Andy Grove (founder of Intel)

The Cloud, Mobility and Social Networking have created an inflection point for the technology industry.

  • Cloud, a new services delivery model enabling businesses to obtain technology services quickly and adapt them in to new business processes to rapidly innovate business.
  • Mobility enables access to these services any place, any time on any device. I can simply download an application in less than 30 seconds which provides me immediate access to information and functionality.
  • Social Networking lets me connect with my customers directly, provide enhanced customer service, develop products with direct customer feedback, promote my products and services in real-time and many other benefits.

The combination of these three technologies puts the power of technology directly in the hands of the business to acquire, consume, adapt and utilize, quickly changing existing and creating new fundamental business processes to competitive advantage.

When I say business, I am referring to business owners, and business decision-makers such as the heads of sales, marketing, human resources, and finance departments. I am differentiating ‘business’ leaders from IT.

Traditionally IT has been the primary owner, driver and sometimes decision-maker in the selection, acquisition and implementation of technology in a business. The Cloud in particular enables a fundamental shift of these responsibilities to the business leaders.  That is not to say that IT does not have a role in the Cloud, they continue to have a critical role, but will need to adapt.  More on the role of IT in a future post.   

“This will change how we think and act.”

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