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What is the Cloud?

The cloud, the cloud, the cloud…everywhere you turn we are talking about it, more books are written, and more materials are available. If you search on ‘Cloud’ you will find more information than you can possibly read in a lifetime. So, it is somewhat ironic that we are still asking “What is the Cloud?”

Most of the books and materials that you find start out with some sort of definition of the cloud. We seem to be in wonderment that there twenty plus definitions for the cloud. We should not be in awe of this, after all the Cloud is just a new services delivery model. It is ‘technology’ delivered in a new way. Frankly, there are even more definitions for ‘technology’ than there are for cloud. It is much more interesting to talk about how the cloud will change your business.

Nevertheless, even though the cloud is technology delivered in a new way we do need to have a level set of understanding. Therefore, I will distill some of the common terminology, definitions and information to get us to a level set to continue with a rich dialogue on this topic.

The NIST Cloud Computing forum has provided the most understandable clear and consise cloud definition and description. While this is a solid definition, I do think it takes a technologists view and not a business view.  I will shortly provide you additional materials to enhance these materials to facilitate business discussions on the cloud.

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